Save the Roma, make their voice heard

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As globalization takes over the world, border between countries fade away creating a bd and connected worldwide community, However, some groups still struggle to integrate their own nation and thus are pushed to the side of our linked world. Therefore, the EU discussed strategies to integrate the Roma, a minority that has been inhabiting Europe for one thousand years.

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The Book of Life

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Very controversial with its long list of exceptions, the EU managed to meet on January 26, 2018 to work on unifying their people by integrating refugees in the member states.

« Croquer la vie à pleine dents ! »  Sally keeps repeating. Over and over again, she holds on to that phrase while watching over the boat crossing the endless Styx. After days of navigating she starts to see the water turning red. Is this the end of her story? Will she die here? Suddenly, the sun comes up, her eyes barely opened, she sees the land approaching. The light seems to come out of the island. She did it, she went through the infernal journey. And, now she is stronger and more determent because she found a new place to call home: Europe.

Sally’s story isn’t just some ink on a paper, a lost page of a personal journal. Sally’s story is the hidden reality, a routine so different than yours that you tend to forget about it. This is the story retracing the expedition of a refugee, the chapter that no one should ever write in his book. Therefore, the EU decided to solve the issue, and met at the start of the year to make a difference. Thus, the EU chose to tackle the integration of minorities or foreigners in need in the European population.

After each country stated its position, the EU found it necessary to implement new policies to regulate the flow of refugees and improve the communication between countries. The goal is to find a common ground where countries with very different international opinions could agree on a regional policy concerning refugees. Thus, the majority of the countries suggested redirecting the flows of refugees based on a study of the capacity of each European country.

Moreover, all countries emphasized on the role of refugees in providing a bigger human capital, leading to the strengthening of the country’s economy. However, this idea dominates the direction of the ongoing resolution. In fact, some countries based their acceptance of new refugees on the economic potential of each one of them.

Thus, the controversy facing the EU is the balance between its own benefits and the humanitarian side of the issue. Hence, countries like Germany specified that “Being a refugee is enough of a criteria to accept them”. The German representor eventually axed the debate towards the basis of the 1951 Convention protecting the rights of refugees and insuring their evolution in the new country hosts.

Countries started to compromise National Security and their Humanitarian duty. Therefore, the delegates have suggested to ameliorate and standardize the means of transport refugee use to arrive to Europe. In the first moth of this year, two thousand people have lived the same catastrophic experience as Sally. And this alarming situation, faced in a world, an era where astronauts are exploring outer space and cloning is proliferating is unacceptable. Moreover, nations also worked on the moral and social level. The UK proposed a new use of the EURO DECK to help lost children find their parents.

However, the main concern stands in the methods governments integrate the refugees. The EU being more of an economical union than a political and social union, makes the integration of the refugees in the working force as a priority to the nations.  They even thought of rewarding employers that accept refugees. Controversially, treating those people so differently and trying to promote them to insure their integration will only cause their exclusion. Making them so distinct from the Europeans will widen the gap of culture and development between the two populations.

Therefore, the committee should rapidly find an implicit way of integrating the refugees and mixing them with the population, so that one day people like Sally could “croquer la vie à pleine dents” away from fear and danger.