China selling drugs to North Vietnamese

Recent information has revealed that China is selling drugs to the North Vietnamese.  Murray Choitner, Special Counsel to the President, released the following statement regarding this news.

“President Nixon not only saved our American friends, brothers and fathers yesterday.  Recent revelations on the North Vietnamese Army’s backward values attest to the fact that he took a stand against an ideology not only corrupt and Godless, but also evidently in a dire situation in terms of morale,” Choitner said.

More will follow as this story develops.

Kissinger’s Crusade

After the election of President Nixon to his second Presidential term, many questions have been asked whether or not the cabinet will remain divided or unite for the betterment and the welfare of the American people. After a recent statement by Henry Kissinger however, this debate has only become more heated.

While addressing his fellow cabinet members, he made a pitch to address the growing concerns of liberal pundits and citizens, regarding both the continuation of the deliverance of civil rights expansion as well as the growing crusade by many organizations to achieve greater equality across the board. In addition we were informed that the cabinet was discussing perhaps stepping back on recent promises to expand military operations and shift to a more volunteer-based system in regards to the physical makeup of the military, a reversal of the current draft system dealing with the conflict in Vietnam. This news is very agreeable to all Americans as it would ensure that American lives will not be wasted fighting for some political cause that much of the nation views as misplaced and mishandled.

While the majority of the cabinet, including the White House Communications Director Mr. Herbert Klein, supported recent shifts in the policy of the Nixon administration to address growing concerns by all Americans both domestically and abroad, there were also voices of dissension such as Mr. Henry Kissinger who stated that the cabinet and Administration “cannot liberalize ourselves to appeal to their voter base”. This being in reference to the recent changes to the Administration’s shift in policy. Any further information regarding this issue will be released with most haste.

Nixon’s Cabinet denies Leaks

In response to allegations of wiretapping several members of President Nixon’s cabinet have issued a statement denying these accusations.Director of the FBI, J. Edgar Hoover, vehemently denied the existence of such leaks within the cabinet.

“The FBI does not have knowledge of or approve of wiretapping within the cabinet. If there were to be wiretapping it would be done by the Democratic party or opponents of Nixon’s campaign in an attempt to smear him or degrade our cabinet and party,” Hoover said.

His statement of denial was echoed by National Security Advisor Henry Kissinger.

“I know nothing of any wiretapping, as far as I am aware all cabinet officials trust each other to the best of their ability,” Kissinger said.

Attorney General John Mitchell however, did not deny the leaks, but instead assured the public of the administration’s commitment to investigating the alleged leaks.

“The administration in general wants to set up a group of people in order to deal with the source of the leaks and their effects.  We want to guarantee that the public knows only the truth and nothing but the truth,” Mitchell said.

Despite the allegations against his cabinet, President Nixon won his bid for re-election in  celebratory style. After the news of his victory was confirmed, Nixon appeared before supporters who where loudly chanting USA and waving banners with his campaign slogans.  The President kept his remarks succinct, simply stating ” I am so honored and humbled” and that he wants to continue “making America great again.”



Nixon’s Night

On this very night, the Nixon Administration celebrated perhaps its best evening. With the 1972 having been incredibly heated and intense from all sides on the issues of race, poverty, conflict and American values. After a seemingly divided campaign it appears as though the Nixon Administration will be in power for four more years.

After an incredibly tense election cycle in which the Nixon cabinet seemed very much so divided on strategy, a series of campaign videos were released along the way which seemingly united all Americans behind a set of values the cabinet viewed fit for the American public to demonstrate. Within the halls of the White House, Nixon’s cabinet scrambled in order to produce quality campaign advertisements with incredible pace. With time seemingly speeding up around these turbulent times, the cabinet was able to keep a cool head and produce campaign videos which many voters seemed quite pleased with. One reporter was even told by a voter that those advertisements were the deciding factor in his ballot decision.

With the ads themselves focusing on topics such as the how to rebuild a fractured nation and how to make America a nation built upon values again. The cabinet also orchestrated part of their efforts to reaching out to the true struggling voter bloc in this election, the liberal voters of whom have fought both on the streets and in the halls of the Supreme Court to have their plight heard, of which include both the African American voters and the Female voters of whom have seemingly been forgotten throughout these past tumultuous months. The cabinet went to great lengths to highlight Nixon’s creation of the EPA and other organizations which placed the will of the American people above petty politics. However, what the cabinet failed to mention, and something we will gladly mention is that thanks to the work and dedication of true liberals in Congress to keep our environment safe and secure for generations to come. We would like to commend Nixon though, on such an esteemed executive order.


With Nixon taking the stage to address his supporters on the evening of his win. The gentleman seemed quite resolute and composed. However, as soon as Mr. Nixon took to the stage, a whole new persona emerged as he began to thank the American people for their continued support. We must add though, this Nixon coming up to address the people of America was not quite as reserved and careful as he typically has been, with his calls for the crowd to stand up again and keep cheering after he had already dismissed them to their seats. However, all was left out on stage tonight as Nixon himself stated that he was so proud to be “elected for four more years to God’s greatest gift to this planet”. To this exclamation by President Nixon, the crowd became absolutely enamored with the man whom they had put into power.

However, all was not wholly innocent or celebratory as the President decided to call out illegitimate actions by the leadership of the Democratic Party in places such as Chicago where “those illegal votes” as Nixon put it, seemingly were tools by the establishment to ensure that their policy, not those drafted and admired by the public, were put into place. The President was quick to silence any dissension in his speech and spoke about unity saying that now

“We can continue making America great again!”

The President ended his celebration with a familiar sign towards the American public, the Peace sign. As he left the stage, he shook the hands and accepted congratulations from both his staffers and the members of his cabinet who are no doubt excited to be back to business as usual now that the electoral tides have seemingly settled down.

Rumors of Firings in Nixon’s Cabinet

Rumours have been circulating that President Nixon is preparing to fire several members of his cabinet.  A cabinet meeting has been called for tomorrow morning and many believe that several members will be booted from their positions.  Those expected to be fired are The Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, George Romney, Director of the FBI,  J. Edgar Hoover and White House Council, Charles Colson. According to a senior White House official these members are currently under investigation for their involvement in the leaking of information to the press.

Information Leaked from Nixon’s Cabinet by Opponent

The special Council to the President and the White House Chief of Staff have come forth with unequivocal proof that President Nixon’s opponent, Democrat George Wallace, leaked information to dirty the reputation of Nixon’s cabinet.

Special Council to the President, Murray Choitner, has received evidence that it was Wallace who had leaked information to the media that Nixon’s cabinet had ties to Communism.  He went on to say that it is actually George McGovern, Nixon’s other opponent, who has ties to the Prime Minister of the Soviet Union, Alexei Kosygin .

Choitner’s evidence was substantiated by White House Chief of Staff, H.R. Haldeman, to confirm its authenticity.

Protests at President Nixon’s Cabinet


Political instability continues to shake the members of the President Nixon’s Cabinet. This time, several protestors were able to get past security in The White House in order to call out for justice upon the poor handling of government in regards to the bombing of the United States Embassy in Baghdad.


The bombing of Baghdad resulted in the killing of 50 Americans and the disappearance of 13 other fellow patriots. The impact of the attack was highly dangerous for the already wavering state of public opinion regarding the draft and war campaigns of the government, as no official word of The White House has been made yet and the President Richard Nixon has left the public without a single public statement.


Members of the Administration will continue to expect high levels of public disturbances due to the fact that economic decline and growth of unemployment rates persist in the nation.