An open letter to a terrorist

To the man who shot my parents,

It took me a while to digest the news. It took me a while to accept that someone could be so far gone as to not reflect on his deeds, to be incapable of empathizing.

When the news was brought to me, I was picking out a cake for their anniversary. Do you understand what that means? Because I don’t think you could be half as dedicated to your religion as they were to each other; or perhaps you don’t understand because it isn’t inscribed carefully enough in the Quran. I could use bigger words, playing with sentences was something my grandfather taught me well. But I fear that you will not understand those either.

Is your god so weak that he needs you to defend him?

I pity you. I pity you because you will never know the soothing sound of a mother’s lullaby or her soft gentle hands that put you to sleep. I pity you because clearly your father never taught you what it means to be a man. I pity you because your world is built on violence and sadism instead of love and compassion. Mostly, I pity you because all you will ever know of this beautiful world is guns and destruction.

You see, I was ten when my mom told me and my brother that death was natural. I wish I understood then, she was just subtly telling me that she and dad won’t always be around. I wish I’d finally learnt how to make that ginger tea and sew a button on occasion.  I wish I could make dad proud before you decided to take him away.

But then I realized something. I realized that my father was proud that I wasn’t raised like you. That they know the value of the knowledge they passed on and they know I was better than seeking revenge. I realized people miss them, they will always hold that special place because we won’t allow them to be lost into oblivion. But you? Your own damn god will be placing a bet on your death, and you will be forgotten like the remaining ashes of a fire that caused nothing but fear and loss. You will roam these empty streets as mere shadows of the past. You will learn that words are mightier than a sword; mighty enough to help collapse an entire world once uttered, mighty enough to destroy lives.

I remember when mother spoke the most beautiful lies in the world to me, cradling my head in her lap, she spoke of unicorns and rainbows built on promises of a better world. Now, those lies are stuck under the debris along with her remains and with them lies my heart, sanity and humanity.

As I walk around the city, I survey the remains of the battleground. Hearing the echoes of the cries that helped build this ground brick by brick and have now broken it missile by missile.

If you win, know, that the taste of victory will be as bitter as acid on your tongue and the tears that were shed and wounds that bled will hang like an albatross around your neck. You may conquer the world, but with no one left to inhabit it.


The girl who will smile regardless.


Puerto Rico Struck again!

The physical control board took control of the puerto Rican  cabinet following the lack of fiscal responsibility and allegations of corruption. Five members of the cabinet were arrested following the allegations made against them and were replaced by members of the physical control board. The cabinet has been stripped of most of it’s powers specifically budgetary decision! We must wait now to see how the cabinet responds and strikes back!

What the world would look like if the HMUN Crises were real

The Crisis staff has been working extremely hard to present delegates on each committee with interesting crises. While these topics have made discussion fast-paced and kept delegates on their toes, it would be disastrous if they occurred in real life. Here is a snapshot of nine things that would occur if HMUN crises actually happened:

  1. The citizens of France and Germany would no longer be a part of the European Union and alongside be exposed to nuclear radiations from a nuclear reactor meltdown.
  2. The Qatari Royal family would have embezzled twenty million dollars to fund ISIS and banned Al Jazeera from the Qatari borders.
  3. There would be a major spread of a drug resistant bacteria in Mozambique, which would most likely have spread to other regions.
  4. Satellites would have crashed into each other, creating not only a large number of space debris but also potentially shutting down the entire GPS system on earth.
  5. Donald Trump would have injured himself after falling down the stairs of his private plane.
  6. Violent riots would have occurred in Eastern Europe regarding abortion provisions
  7. Nigeria would be the host of the 2020 Olympics.
  8. The United States would have set up a nuclear power plant on the surface of the moon.
  9. The premier of China would have admitted that the Taiwanese government is more efficient than the Chinese government.

Crisis in the boardroom

The press corps were struck with a crisis in the earlier hours of today when there was an explosion in downtown Boston. The board members of the competitive channel, national news nightly were determined to tackle this challenging update head-on. With condescending remarks from Reddit, undermining the capabilities of their channel; NNN made it their mission to discredit the online social platform while also maintaining  their journalistic integrity.

In the midst of constant updates and crises, the executives struggled to prioritize and juggle between other important news pieces such as the Al Jazeera being banned from Qatar, Trump falling down the stairs while getting off his plane, and Nigeria hosting the next Olympics after corruption allegations to name a few. However, it was ultimately decided that the Boston crisis was of top priority and decisions on the means of gathering and sharing information on air ensued.

The statement by the Boston Police department only lead to more chaos when the attacker was identified to be a male white supremacist. The NNN immediately released the photograph of the accused in order to raise awareness and ask citizens to be on the lookout for any suspicious behavior or information that could lead to the arrest of this man. However, this move triggered a similar, “copy cat” bombing in Chicago. This sent the executives at NNN into a frenzy of panic. They soon decided to stress safety measures and treat this update as equally important as the Boston crisis and not just as a subset of it.

The boardroom was indeed engulfed with questions of integrity, honesty and transparency being thrown around and addressed with enthusiasm and zeal.

Caution: Potential Hazard

The International Atomic Energy Agency was struck with a crisis when the nuclear reactor between the borders of Germany and France had a meltdown. This threatens the populations of both nations and possibly more if not contained soon. With the risk of a potential hazard and Iran’s nuclear threat, will the committee be able to come to a consensus and prevent future peril?

The nine types of people you meet at a General Assembly

  1. Mr. Know it all: This delegate has his eyes on the prize. There is no treaty, no article, no clause that he does not know. You’ll normally find his kind dominating and moderating the unmoderated caucus. They walk with an air of pride and a bubble of ego. Their normally tall and loud selves proves to be an asset in big committees.
  2. The chit chatter: This delegate has the strange superpower of being able to write more chits in less time. More often than not, they barely even pay attention to what is happening around them and continue scribbling away to glory. You’ll usually find them trying to find scraps of paper they can write on and send to the executive board, because with 196 countries, who needs recognition anyway?
  3. The observer: This person is relatively new to MUNs and is trying their level best to apply all the knowledge they have worked so hard to gather. They’re always trying to get recognition but their speeches mostly comprise of written articles and not much real application and critical thinking.
  4. The newbie: This person is usually bored out of their minds. They’re not really interested in what is happening at the conference and will take an excuse you give them to leave the committee room. They’re usually fascinated by the MUN circuit but can’t get themselves to care enough to actually participate.
  5. Mrs. Duck Face: The title here is pretty self explanatory. This is the ideal group of girls/guys who are absolutely obsessed with sharing their life on social media. They want a picture with everything and share how much “fun” they are having in the third floor washroom while sneaking away to make sure their make up or hair are always on point.
  6. Mr. Won’t give up: This is the rival of Mr. Know it all, almost as good but just a little behind. This person is severe competition and will do anything to bring his rival down. Usually in the opposing blocs they refuse to merge working papers or agree on absolutely anything. Just sometimes though, they manage to surpass this unspoken rivalry and steal the show.
  7. The flirt: You know it. You’ve read the chits they’ve sent to…everyone. This person will hit on anyone they find remotely attractive and use chits as their weapon. While they may manage to secure a date for the dance this way, it sure is a distraction from rising terrorism concerns.
  8. The procedural stuck-up: This person refuses to let any sort of procedure slip. They have memorized the rules of procedure so well that they point out everything and anything, no matter how minor, simply because they can. They’re usually not popular for the right reason and are considered ever so slightly annoying.
  9. The ones hoping there is no midnight crisis: Now this group is specific to Harvard Conferences, and comprises of a majority of the population at the conference. They’re usually caught saying things like, “Oh my god, they better not wake me up” or “God I am so tired” or “Man, do I need a separate outfit for this thing cause my night suit is ugly!”

The HMUN Anthem

Blank Space- Taylor Swift (HMUN Version)

Nice to meet you, where you been?
I could show you incredible things
Voting, bullets, madness, sin
Saw you there and I thought
Oh my God, look at all that land
You look like my next attack
War’s a game, want to play?
New grenade, suit and tie
I can read you like a Reuters report
Ain’t it funny, missiles fly
And I know you heard about me
So hey, let’s be allies
I’m dying to see how Trump’s reign ends
Grab your passport and my hand
I can make Russia good for a weekend,

So it’s gonna be forever
Or it’s gonna go down in flames
You can tell me when it’s over
If the pain was worth the gain
Got a long list of ex-allies
They’ll tell you I’m insane
‘Cause you know I love the players
And you love the game

‘Cause we’re old and manipulative-e
We’ll take this way too far
It’ll leave you desperate
Or with a nasty scar
Got a long list of ex-allies
They’ll tell you I’m insane
But I’ve got an army baby
And I’ll take your land.

Greek Crisis, communist lies,
I could show you incredible things
Stolen kisses, pretty lies
You’re the Putin to my Trump
Lie to get, what you want
Be the best for two terms-s-s
Wait the worst is yet to come.
Screaming, crying, perfect bombs
I can make all the tables turn
Refugee crisis built on wars
Keep you second guessing like
“Oh my God, who is wrong?”
I get pissed at Russia’s guts
But you’ll come back each time you leave
‘Cause darling I’m a nightmare dressed like diplomacy!

Can Plautus save the day?

The Greek ministerial cabinet is currently in a state of panic, frenzy, disagreement and doubt. With the banking systems of Greece collapsing under their own weight and in desperate need of a bailout, the Greek cabinet is unsure of how to respond to the needs of it’s people. The crisis has increased unemployment rates in the region, while the threat of cutting down pensions and the banks shutting their doors has sent civilians into a state of constant chaos.

When the cabinet tilted the deliberations to the refugee crisis in Europe, it was met with thunderous riots and wide scale protests with the people of the nation questioning the priorities of its own government. Smothered by allegations of corruption and answerable to it’s people, the government needs to solve the crisis before it gets out of hand. In order to boost the morale of the it’s people, Greece hopes to perform well in the 2016 Olympics and decided to set up more training camps for athletes, which could prove to be a questionable move in the time of a financial crisis. In a time that people may be at the risk of losing their only source of livelihood, The minister on sports and culture argues that this would help increase employment by providing opportunities for sports coaches. However, the question that still remains is, whether the fiscal deficit would break even or plummet the government into more debt?

As a response to this problem, the committee deliberated upon an important directive to reduce the pensions given to the people by 2% each year until 2022 in order to increase the savings. This directive proved to be an extremely controversial one, “We must consider the public sentiment and also realize that reducing pensions at such a sensitive point of time could send the public into a frenzy and cause more chaos than already present” stated the minister of foreign affairs. To this, the Minister of infrastructure argued,” We need to ensure savings and funds. It is important to take action and bring in more money in order to protect the people and the government”, this statement was also backed by the minister or labor.

When the committee did finally reach a compromise and pass a directive regarding the pension policy, it was greeted with a backlash by the European Union which was not happy with their decision. While certain members of the cabinet, such as the Minister of economy, were willing to make minor changes and other budget cuts instead of cutting down on pensions in order to prevent retaliation from Brussels, not everyone was on board with this opinion. “We have been constantly bullied by the European Union, who have stolen our sovereignty and freedom,  and we must not give in just because it [the pension policy] does not please them, this statement was also backed by the Minister of foreign affairs who agreed that it was important to not give in to the European union and show strength to it’s people and regain their trust.

With the GDP being decreased to over 27% and hitting a new low, unemployment rates skyrocketing, unhappy people rejecting their own government and the economy on the brink of collapsing; it is now up to the ministerial cabinet to contain this chaos in an effective and immediate manner.


The world has bled enough

The threat of terrorism and its growth is a matter of immediate concern. With the recent attacks of IS and false promises of Boku Haram, the international community finds itself forced to address theses challenges as effectively and immediately as possible. The United Nations Special Session on Terrorism convened for its second meeting to discuss the rising issue of terrorist recruitment from developing nations. The global representatives were locked in an intensive debate on the actual application and solution proposals in the three working papers on the table for discussion.

“We would like to remind the delegates sitting in this room that the world does not revolve around them!” strongly stated the representative of Ghana and further stressed on the need to set political gains aside and work together to solve this ever growing threat. The committee was enthusiastic in proposing a number of analytical and critical solutions to combat the situation at hand. Among this plethora of solutions and deliberations; a few stood out. The representative of the African Republic suggested, “We must ensure that minority communities have provisions protecting them in order to prevent chaos similar to that between the Shia and Sunni Muslims” while the delegation of Libya stressed on the need for financial aid to support developing nations in order to provide better resources and education to vulnerable civilians.

In response to the proposed solutions,”We need to be more specific in our approach and come up with policies that not only look good on paper but are also plausible in reality” argued the United States of America. Of the three working papers submitted, Working paper 1.1 was accused of not being realistic in their policy suggestions. While working paper 1.2  was on the receiving end of criticism by various delegations on it’s proposal to temporarily shut down the internet in regions that have seen a rise in terrorist recruitments through social media among other loopholes. Whereas working paper 1.3 was well received and agreed upon by most representatives of the international community with a few exceptions from counties such as Germany and United states, that expressed concern regarding various loopholes.

The delegation of Ukraine suggested extensive debate on the working papers and possibly merging the best suited solutions in to one comprehensive document. The committee accepted this idea and is moving toward further debate before choosing a final course of action. The main concern that remains is the applicability and implementation of these policies in a manner that ensures they are effective.