Best Corps, Press Corps

Press Corps is hands down the greatest committee without question at Harvard Model United Nations 2017. From having an absolutely astounding Director and Assistant Director, to being surrounded by intelligent and thoughtful individuals who take their job seriously and genuinely enjoy every second they spend interviewing, reporting, writing, or any other functions of journalism. Regardless of what others say, I have never encountered any group of dedicated and driven individuals quite like this. From both experienced delegates and new delegates to HMUN, professionalism and “journalistic integrity” were always the priority of each and every member of Press Corps.

To those who may be reading this next year, I hope that you find the same amount of value in this prestigious committee as I have.

To those who are currently in this committee, I say to you, from the bottom of my heart, thank you for making this committee so much more than I expected, from the assistance with stories and structure, to the constant sarcasm and chatter present amongst the reporters there was seemingly never a dull moment with you all. I would also wish to commend you all on your undying commitment to reporting and giving a voice to those who may not be able to get their points heard outside of their committee were it not for you.

So, as a final send-off before both myself, my friend the “observer” and the rest of my school are to return back to the desert, I wish you all the best of fortunes in everything that you do. Whether that be skiing, running marathons, studying mathematics or humanities, continuing in journalism, pursuing a career in law, I wish all of you the best and I thank all of you for creating such an incredible and energetic environment for both myself and Cam “The Observer”.

New York Times, Haydon Bergren


Investigations in Iran

Members of the Press Corps fervently whispered and passed along directives amongst the hum of moderated caucuses. Tasks were quickly arising and objectives lacked clear aim. As delegates moved to uncover the validity of threatening international allegations received from Julian Assange, crisis broke. A team of third party investigators were detained in Iran, without any word of release.

The delegates were soon greeted by an Iranian dignitary who was “very ruffled,” by this obstruction. However, she went on to add that the investigators would only be “detained as long as they are not a threat to the state,” concerning the Press Corps. The investigators had little to no idea what they were looking for, and the group was unsure of how to get them out.

Soon after, directive Return of the Investigators-Episode VI was passed. This issued a formal apology to the Iranian government and pleaded for the safe return of all the investigators on the grounds that their exploration was only to ensure the validity of all accusations and the integrity of the Iranian government.

The Iranian dignitary returned to call this declaration a “sorry, sorry excuse of an apology,” and demonstrated her disapproval. The proclamation was “much more insulting than the original crime,” she added.

Due to this, and the expulsion of Al Jazeera from Qatar based on an independent investigation, the Press Corps voted almost unanimously to withhold the the information. It was determined that these unconfirmed state secrets would cause more harm than good, and that the decision was one to uphold our journalistic integrity and the truth of our content. Without any proof of these claims, we could not risk the morality of the publications.